Server Changelog 15-June-2020

by Lynx on 2020-06-16

There are a couple of server changes based from our provider (Updated 15 June 2020). Details are below :

  • Fixed Gravitation Field Skill
    • No longer has a lingering hitbox.
    • Deals full damage as one bundle of hits instead of pulsing individual hits.
    • Can overlap with itself.
  • Corrected Hell's Plant Behavior
    • Skill is no longer a unit skill but a status.
    • Adjusts the attack rate timer to official.
    • Skill does not proc cards.
    • Skill does not reflect damage.
  • Cleaned Genetic Cooking Creation Skills
    • Fixes Mix Cooking quantity calculation to be based off the difference of the good and bad stat.
    • Fixes Mix Cooking failure to create a random amount of failure material that's independent of the initial quantity calculation.
    • Fixes Create Bomb to behave similar to Mix Cooking without the failure materials.
    • Fixes Special Pharmacy quantity calculation to be based off of the difference of the good and bad stat along with a base quantity depending on the level used.
  • Removed iRO-specific bonus on Rideword Hat
  • Fixes Ensemble Skills behavior
    • Ensemble skills apply SC_ENSEMBLEFATIGUE which should disable skill casting and reduces movement speed/ASPD by 30%.
    • Applies SC_ENSEMBLEFATIGUE to both the caster and partner.
  • Fixes Rune Mastery Visual Effects
    • Fixes Rune Mastery displaying a success effect under the failure effect when a Rune fails to be produced.
  • Add support sharing for Battle-type achievements
    • Adds support for sharing battle-type Achievements when killing monsters.
    • The behavior mimics Quest objectives.
    • Adds a battle_config to easily toggle (off by default until confirmed on kRO).
  • Fixed sending of storages full of equipments.
  • Small signedness cleanup
  • Updates Cross Slash casting data
    • Removes the after cast delay. (was 500ms)
    • Confirms cooldown. (before no cooldown now 4000ms)
  • Fixes with rolling cutter
    • Fixes Rolling Cutter counter not resetting with blown-type attacks/movements.
  • Fixed IM_CHAR relog
    • fixes IM_CHAR instance to player
  • Wanderer / Ministrel Skill rebalancing
    • Re-balancing of ministrel due to known bug on damage. (see KRO release).

Current Server Status

by Lynx on 2020-06-14

Hi Guys! Please download the new and latest patcher here.

This maintenance is to migrate our server to a lower latency server. Server will be back up in 1-2hours. Please stay tuned!


Update : Migration is finished. Please redownload the latest patcher to run the server! Enjoy!

Weekly Server Maintenance

by Admin on 2020-06-13

We will be having our weekly server maintenance today at 830:1030AM (+8GMT) changelog to be posted here afterwards.


Item Mall Update

by Lynx on 2020-06-06

Item mall updates :

  • Included Ammunition seller inside mall
  • Completed shadow armors mechants
  • Corrected informations of iteminfo